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Gunman Chronicles

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This era of development lasted from late 1997 to early 1999, halted by the release of Half-Life in November 1998.


These maps went on to be the early draft for a playable intro level, and then became the basis for the intro cinematic video. The texture set for these maps is called "Mars".
Alien Screenshot Gallery (Contains 9 Images)


This map has some of nearly every other map-set on this list. It was probably a map for testing things in the game.
Halls Screenshot Gallery (Contains 3 Images)


These maps were directly ported into the Half-Life engine version for the presentation at E3 2000. This map-set also went under the name "Rainforest".
Mayan Screenshot Gallery (Contains 8 Images)


The images for this map are just called "Gunman", but the texture set is called "Palace", which is where the name on this page comes from.
Palace Screenshot Gallery (Contains 13 Images)


Rust made it into the final game as the "Ferrin Moon" chapter, with the map and texture names retaining the name Rust. However, very few of these maps pictured survived into the retail game.
Rust Screenshot Gallery (Contains 15 Images)
These images are only availible in thumbnail quality. If the full resolution becomes availible, I will update the main gallery.
Rust Screenshot Gallery (Thumbnails) (Contains 7 Images)

Stone / Skull

These maps were used in the Half-Life engine version as a rough singleplayer chapter, under the name "Stone". The name for the main map was "Skull4.bsp".
Stone / Skull Screenshot Gallery (Contains 5 Images)

Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse brush-creation was made with AMAPI and then converted to a .MAP file for usage in-game.
Other Screenshots Gallery (Contains 2 Images)


"WTO" most likely stands for "Window To Oblivion" according to Herbert.
WTO Screenshot Gallery (Contains 9 Images)

Other Screenshots

These screenshots don't fit into any other category, for some reason or another.
Other Screenshots Gallery (Contains 7 Images)