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Junction Point Studios's Cancelled Half-Life Episode

Click here for a transcription of an interview with Warren Spector from April 2015. In this interview he revealed some previously unknown information about the episode.

Leaked Map

In March of 2017, there was a large leak that included the source files of all of the maps created for Half-Life 2: Episode 1, and Half-Life 2: Episode 2. In the /episodic/maps/personal/gautam/ directory, there is the map: styleguide_ravenholm_01.vmf. This map is actually a somewhat advanced prototype of the first level of the Junction Point Studios episode. There are 2 new characters, Duncan and Scooter. Duncan seems to be an afterthought, as he uses the entity of a pre-existing character, named "Mueller". He also uses a pre-existing model, the citizen model Male_09 from Half-Life 2, a.k.a Erdin. Their entity names are ravenholm_npc_mueller and ravenholm_npc_scooter. Aside from them, the map also contains 2 more minor characters: two citizens named "Harry" and "Kate", who put the player through something called "Slam Training", possibly referencing the cut weapon from Half-Life 2. The "Scooter" Character wakes the player up after they crashed through the roof of a warehouse while riding some kind of cable car. He gives the player a crowbar and directs the player towards a broken and spewing furnance, preventing the characters from leaving. After the player turns off the fuel, they can leave, but Scooter and Duncan stay behind. The rest of the level mainly consists of Combine Soldier encounters in a snowy trainyard, with a Razor Train that breaks through the door of a warehouse. After this, the player proceeds into the streets of a small section of the town, with Combine Soldiers waiting in the buildings above. The changelevel to the next level is suspended in the air in a random section of the map, and leads to fall_map00.bsp. The map completely lacks any zombies, and only resembles Ravenholm in the visual aspect, barring the snow everywhere. It also uses a custom Skybox texture, called dusk_01hdr.