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Half-Life 3: 11 years of hyporeaborea

Hey Jack u should write stuff here later.

  • In an interview with EuroGamer on May 17th,
  • In a press release on May 24th, Valve announces that that Episode One will ship on June 1st and is the "first in a trilogy of episodes that will conclude by Christmas of 2007".
  • In an interview with EuroGamer on June 6th, Gabe Newell says that there are three episodes that are "worked out". He also refers to the episodic trilogy as "Half-Life 3".
  • On August 29th, an anonymous user on 4Chan's /v/ board posts a zip which contains 2,546 small images that are all parts of a larger image, which turned out to be a Source 2 model of D0G. This model was later found in the Robot Repair demo, and can be downloaded here. The identity of this user has never been discovered.
  • Dota 2 updates on October 9th, and it comes with "hl3.txt", a file which is used as a help document for a presumed Half-Life 3 (Source 2) FGD. The full file can be viewed here. A more condensed list of the entities can be found in the dropdown below.
hl3.txt Entity List
  • item_generic
  • prop_zipline
  • shared_procedural_spawn_template_info
  • shared_procedural_spawn_reuse_info
  • shared_procedural_spawn_area_info
  • shared_enable_disable
  • info_procedural_spawn_template
  • info_procedural_spawn_target
  • info_procedural_spawn_manager
  • info_procedural_spawn_subgroup
  • func_procedural_spawn_volume
  • procspawn_var_volume
  • procspawn_var_entity
  • procspawn_constraint_volume_volume_distance
  • procspawn_constraint_target_volume_distance
  • procspawn_constraint_target_in_volume
  • procspawn_constraint_target_near_entity
  • procspawn_constraint_target_far_from_class
  • procspawn_constraint_subgroup_distance
  • procspawn_constraint_target_facing_player
  • procspawn_modifier_rotation_traced
  • procspawn_modifier_move_traced
  • procspawn_modifier_2joint_traced
  • npc_quest_citizen
  • npc_hunter_invincible
  • npc_turret_ceiling_pulse
  • info_quest_dialog
  • prop_fixed
  • point_quest_goal
  • procspawn_bias_linetoplayer
  • logic_player_volume_tracker