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"During Half-Life: Decay's playtesting, a kid in a wheelchair came to playtest with us. I don't remember exactly why, but I recall that his mom worked in the building and thought he'd enjoy it for a few days. He also had some mild developmental disabilities that made it hard for him to process things and talk. So we just set him up with a PS2 and let him be. Oddly enough, one of the main AI characters in the game is a scientist in a wheelchair. At one point, this character gives each player a stack of grenades and then gets in a confined train with them. Since our job was to try to break the game as much as possible, Mike and I started throwing grenades at the guy in the wheelchair (video game, not real life). He explodes and the game ends because you lost. Rather loudly, I comment that if you blow up a guy in a wheelchair, there shouldn't just be meat gibs. There should also be wheelchair gibs. I don't think the kid in the wheelchair liked me after that. But for at least one build, there were metal gibs when you blew up the character."

- Brian Thomas (Gearbox Software)