Rewolf is a small, but very innovative, computer graphics company that is working on a total conversion using the Half-Life engine. Although it is a "low budget" effort, the staff has been able to produce graphics that are equal to or better than anything being produced today--at any price. Here is a close-up look at what may well be an emerging force in the PC-based game industry:

Herb "BoneWolf" Flower

Rewolf Founder/Gunman TC Team Leader
[email protected]

     As the project leader, Herb is the heart and soul of Gunman. His perverse mind has created most of the maps and monsters you see. His uncanny ability at turning anything into a map or model is almost unparalelled by anyone in the buisness.

Zak Arntson

Creative Designer
[email protected]

     In charge of the story line of Gunman, Zak is the last defense between Herb's mouth, and the team's ears. We often become worried when he sits down for hours when he refines the story line. Often question wheather or not he ever really sleeps or eats.

Aaron "Onnatop" Stackpole

Level Designer, Web Services, Musician
[email protected]

     Aaron would attribute for most of our luck with our project. Orrigionally hired into Gunman as a musician and mapper, he began employment at Valve Software a few months before the release of Half-Life. His position as a network administrator at Valve has helped us greatly in our workings with both Valve and Sierra. A many thank-yous go out to him from all at Rewolf.

Dave "Mr.Black" Eckblad

Level Designer, Web Services, Public Relations
[email protected]

     MrBlack, mapper extraordinare, is said to be a "key motivator" in the group. Always a little too vocal, he helps keep everyone overphyched and completley overstimulated. Thus, helping generate most of the crazy ideas that get into maps, or models, ect.

Steve "Blevo" Blevin

Sound/Music Engineer, Level Designer
[email protected]

     Blevo is what we like to call a sound and music Genious. Having already been an excellent Musician, winning many awards in australian music competitions, it was only natural for him to start looking for an underground mod project. Luckily, he found us ;D Not only is he a Skilled musician, but his work on the gunman sound effects is also amazing. His frequent dabblings in the power of fermented beverages, electricity, and medicinal herbs, elevate his creativity to terribly scarry levels.

Reid "BrushBoy" Kimball

Level Designer, Creative Designer
[email protected]

     Reid's ability to take a map and breath "life" into it are amazing. Whatever he get's his hands on, he will always tweak to perfection. Although he works on whatever is dished out, he's always working on the final details of somthing else.

Brian "Sake" Bazyk

[email protected]

     Both Sake and Cannel pretty much go togetehr, Both coders for gunman, both named brian, both live in the same town, both have incredible talent in the feild of game coding. They can change boring drab source code into whatever is asked for and then some. They can both be describe as working "a little too much" as there's always more that needs to be done.

Brian "Cannelbrae" Legge

Lead Programmer
[email protected]

Michael "Mick" Pollock

     Blevo, i need some stuff on Mick please

[email protected]

Steve "Wipeoot" Baier

Level Designer
[email protected]

     Steve is a mapper who has more recently joined up with our project. His weird sense of humor and the likes shine in his maps. Always having some strange look to them, but yet being structured.

Anthony "EyeQue" Brown

Music/Level Designer
[email protected]

     Anthony is another talented musician to join up with Rewolf. His environmental music is amazing and he can fit music to almost any in-game situation.

Spencer "Farenheit" Fornaciari

     I hate to say it, but i don't think i know enough about you yet and i'm too tired right now to do anythig about it, so please get back to me :P

[email protected]

Renier "Pug" Banninga

     Renier is our Modeler Extraordinare, he can turn a concept sketch into a fully build model in just days. His skills in animating are as equally amazing. You can see examplese in his work fom the screen shots of the Emporer Xenome from the news section.

[email protected]

I still need to add a few more people to this list, i'm just too tired to do it tonight

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