Desolate Moon

Satellite Name Ferrin (1)
Planet Oib Duco
System Duco
Other Satellites Ep Sirin (2)
Claim Unclaimed
Canyo Wall Strength 7.1
Established Canyos Lorwie (Spiral Dreams)
System Planets Duco I (I)
Duco II (II)
Duco III (III)
Oib Duco (IV)
Duco V (V)
Duco VI (VI)

Imports None
Exports None
Population None
Major Cities None
Items of Note Strange ruins dot the surface of Ferrin, possibly related to other ancient constructions found on other Frontier worlds. The metallic composition of Ferrin's ruins offers an interesting contrast to the stone ruins found elsewhere. It is this fact that brings high-cost expeditions to the barren moon.

Geography One major landmass covers about one-sixth of the moon, surrounded by a thick sea. The single continent is covered in sharp mountain ranges and swampy valleys. The ocean is a sickly indigo in color, gelatinous and thick with primitive lifeforms.
Weather Ferrin is constantly barraged by light rainfall, with constant slight winds regardless of the precipitation. The combined gravitational pull by Oib Duco and the second moon keeps ocean churning violently.
Lifeforms Life on Ferrin is primitive, living mostly in the giant ocean. What few studies conducted have discovered only inverterbrates, few of which ever leave the purple waters.

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