Backwater Colony Planet

Planet Name Icnus (II)
System Icnus
Satellites Kench (1), Ecklem (2)
Day Length 32.9 Papal hours
Year Length 2.8 Papal years
Axial Tilt 10.5 degrees
Claim Spiral Dreams
Canyo Wall Strength 4.2
Established Canyos An-Fang (Free Zone)
Havre (Spiral Dreams)
Mutmazzen (Spiral Dreams)
Port Morphay (Spiral Dreams)
Sisteel (Energy Trust)
System Planets Piaro (I)
Icnus (II)
Moretto (III)
Inflacrus (IV)
Adim (V)

Imports Colonists, H2O, terraforming
Exports Medicinal research, precious metals, salt
Population Urban - 450,000
Rural - 15,000
Major Cities Crucible (Lucio, spaceport)
Trohope (Merenyo, airport)

Geography Two large continents, Dusat and Lucio, make up roughly one third of the surface. Small polar caps at both poles. A large island named Merenyo lies beside Dusat, formed long ago by a titanic chain of volcanoes,
Weather Mild seasons caused by a slight axial tilt, though they have little effect on the vast deserts and Merenyos rainforests. In the more temperate areas on the northern and southern tips of the continents, and along some coastal regions, a fifth rainy season causes small hurricanes yearly.
Lifeforms Dusat's deserts are home to many vicious reptilian and even amphibian creatures. Even most plants are far too dangerous to allow feasible colonies. Lucio is home to much more docile life, mostly mammalian and avian. The effects of any introduction of either continents' lifeforms to the other is unknown and strictly prohibited. The bizarre rainforests of Merenyo are home to many savage and unique creatures, some evading the resident xenobiologists' explanations.

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