Rewolf Company Details:

About Rewolf

Rewolf is a small, but very innovative, computer graphics company that is working on a TC using the Quake II engine. Although it is a "low budget" effort, the staff has been able to produce graphics that are equal to or better than anything being produced today--at any price. Here is a close-up look at what may well be an emerging force in the PC-based game industry:


Rewolf Inc. was started in January of '97 by Herbert Flower(president) and Mary Allred. Herb has been interested in making video games for eleven years. When editable game engines like Doom and Duke became available, he started researching some ideas on new ways to make the textures required for these popular 3D games. As he worked on this, he found that he was able to produce graphics that were very good by any standard. After dabbling with the idea of sub-contracting to do graphics for major game companies, the thought of doing a commercially viable TC became attractive. It was time to quit his regular job and put all of his efforts into Rewolf. A team of other enthusiasts was assembled, and the results of thier combined efforts is the Gunman TC.

Current Status

Rewolf is in a strong position to put their game, Gunman, on the market. Some start-up companies may approach publishers with sketch-pad proposals and wishful thinking; Rewolf already has a library full of levels, textures, models, etc. In addition, Rewolf has a staff of committed people eager to go full-time and push "Gunman" to it's completion. The following tells you where we are today:

Textures: 100% (Not including any special-case requests by mappers)
3D Models: 50% (Needed: Alien player, more guns and monsters)
Maps/Levels: 40% (We have alot in the oven, but they take alot of work before they are "done")
Programming: 60% (We were moving right along, wait until you see the flight code we're cookin' up)
Sound: 40% (We are supplying ALL ORIGINAL sounds)
Music: 80% (Have we got music! You're not gonna find a better soundtrack anywhere!)


Herbert C. Flower -

   President of Rewolf and the driving force that keeps it moving. Herb is responsible for designing levels, creating many of the textures and models seen in "Gunman". Herb has excellent art talent combined with computer knowledge and problem solving abilities that have allowed him to produce many innovations that deal with quality and efficiency. These include: Rapid, high-quality, realistic texture creation. Fast, high quality modeling of biological shapes along with innovative animation stystems. Mastery of the Quake "brushes" that make-up the levels, which allows geometry and architecture never seen before in a quake-based game.

Mary A. Allred -

Position: Artist
   Mary is a talented artist that contributes a great deal of time and expertise to texture creation. She has the ability to "connect" with level makers. When they request something special, she can produce it. Mary is responsible for most of the "outdoor" and mayan texture sets. She has an incredibly rich imagination, and doesnt need a lot of micro-managing.

Zak Arnston -

Position: Lead Programmer/Writer
   Zak has been largely responsible for the Gunman universe and storyline. He has created a fantastic yet believable setting that draws on the theme of the old west, yet is based on the unknown future. This universe holds the potential for a THOUSAND stories... uncountable adventures. Zak is also a very talented programmer. He nearly had the Quake1 version finished when we switched to Quake2, which doesnt allow the code to be easily ported. Zak is a student of Washington State University, and is studying art and computer sciences. He spends his summers working as a programmer for Microsoft (hopefully this summer, it will be for Rewolf).

Joel Walden -

Position: Textures/Mapper
   Joel has that freakish dedication to his work that, in addition to his incredible talent, make him the perfect game developer. Unfortunately, he was just hired by Revenant at the start of May, and will be moving to Texas. He may still help in his spare time like always, but will not be able to go full time (unless he ends up not liking his new job, heh). He leaves us gobs of textures and several nice levels.

Reid Kimball -

Position: Level Designer
   Reid is an expert at the outdoor terrain that is becoming more popular in 3D games. He has been with Rewolf for quite a while, and his impressive work shows that knows his stuff. He's been making Quake maps since the beginning!

Steve Blevin -

Position: Music/Sounds/Level Designer
   Steve is a very creative, and skilled mapper that can really crank out the most amazing architecture! There is no shortage of imagination in this guy! And the music he does is AWARD WINNING and he's been working hard on the Gunman sounds for quite a while! He's been involved in popular add-ons in the past, but of course nothing as AWESOME as Gunman!!!

Brian Bazyk -

Position: Main grease-monkey programmer
   If it needs doing, he can do it! The weapons have sprung to life under Brian's skillful fingertips, and combined with the skills of other team members, he's cookin' up some great vehicle code that will BLOW your socks off!

Aaron Stackpole -

Position: Level Designer/Music/Web Services
   Very skillfull map designer. Has the right stuff, and the vision to make worlds spring to life. Technical mastery of level design theory makes him an invaluable addition to the team.

David Eckblad -

Postion: Level Designer/Web Services/Public Relations
   A mapper that is working on some great underground settings and some visually amazing space theme worlds that give you vertigo! His ability to breath "life" into a level is amazing.

Dale Broadbent -

Postion: Level Designer
   Here's a level designer who's creativity makes for some amazing architecture.

Jared Linde -

Postion: Level Designer
   Nothing but good levels come out of this guy. Has the right stuff.

Steve Baier -

Postion: Level Designer
   This guy knows what it takes to make you say "Wow!" Everything he produces is higly realistic and detailed to the hilt.

Michael Pollock -

Postion: Cinematics
   The last finishing touch this game needed was someone to script the cut scenes, and when it comes to making beautiful movies, there are not a lot of people who are better than Mick!

Anthony Brown -

Postion: Music/Jr. Level Designer
   When the call was made to help finish our soundtrack, Anthony came out of the woodworks with songs galore! His primal beats and techno drive keeps your blood pumping!