This is fan-mail from May 1 to May 13

Saw your work and had to drop a line to say nice job! I especially like the originality of the story, that's what sold me. I hope you guys finish this one soon so I can play it. Best wishes, Jason McIntosh President, Ward Six Entertainment

I have a few things to say that wont come as anything new but here goes notin... YOU GUYS ROCK! Man o' man you are the best TC makers I have seen in a LLLOOOONNNGGGGG time... Thanx, Ian

I just left The Gunman Quake2 Total Conversion site and my jaw is wide open draggin on the floor. This site boasts over 11 megs of pure eye candy and still growing. For starters I went right to the models. Wow!!! Some very nice work. A must see. Then I headed on over to the screenshots area. At this point I am at a loss for words. The textures and colors used are awesome to say the least. Put this site in your favorites section and check back often. These guys are on a mission! With this kind of talent they can't miss. Check it ......NOW!!

Bloody hell! That stuff is ace! It looks like the WIP stuff you see in magazines - first rate. Well done, and I look forward to seeing your TC in the future. Richard

Whoever did the textures on your models rules. I admire them. I'm an artist and wish I could do stuff like that. What do you use to make them...(bla bla) [email protected]

Well, I can't say how happy I am to see your work. The word alien has finally provoked the thought of something truly inhuman, and the word fantasy has unburied something more than swords and magic. I see better work here than I ever thought possible. I will let you be modest, but I am truly ammazed, simply by the fact that I love your concept. Execution is no less exceptional. I can't wait to see this product in it's finished form. Now, if there were only something to do other than shoot aliens/gunmen/natives, you would truly have an origional project. With inspiration flowing from Orson Scott Card, Hindu Mythology/Religon, Navajo Mythology/Religion, I see something that appeals to me in that it is alien to me. I will be paying attention to your progress, and if there is one TC that is ever released, I would want it to be this one. --Jacob

I would just like to share my opinion of your work. I think the monster models and skins and overall design is absolutly incredible. That stuff is bloody Cinematic material (it is defenetly in the leage of H.R.Geiger). Keep up the good work!! - Erik Buchholtz

Wow! Qunman for Quake II looks amazing! From the screenshots, I can probably say that this will be the best Quake II TC ever! This will create so much talk on the internet when released. I'll be one of the first to download it when available. Later, Matt Wiliams

Your TC looks so awesome. I've been following its production ever since the good'ol quake1 days. I find myself checking back everyday just HOPING to find another update. But....there hardly ever is one! Is it just that there isn't much new to show (please! say it ain't so!); or are you just trying to keep it secret for some wierd reason. We dont care if its just map shots! They look so good!!! Us small and weak consumers will lick it right up!!!!! Cole Smith a.k.a. Kracker Jack

I just wanted to let you know that, according to your screenshots, Gunman looks to me to be THE greatest TC of Quake or QuakeII of all time... You and your team are VERY talented, and if your TC is going to do even half of what you plan, then I can't wait for it to be finished. Matthew Rawls

Hi Rewolf! I have just been sussing your site out and man what can I say. AWESOME, COOL and FLABBERGASTING. I followed the link out from rust as I was very impressed with your brush article and the screen shots ( the rearing horse I really dug). I have never checked out a TC till now and I am astounded. Those textures you have created are magnificent and I am sure the maps will do them justice. How long till the release date and will you be releasing the textures as well ? I'd really love to play around with them.