3D Models

Not only are the Gunman models well-made and skinned, but they show a great deal of creativity that is missing in many 3D shooters these days. You wont find 20 versions of the same Borg-like muscle-men; and, dungeon games will likely have the same predictable orks, zombies and skeletons. We wanted aliens in Gunman to be more than a man in a rubber suit--things that could truely be called alien! Most take a day or two to build and skin, and another day or two to animate. Biological forms are no problem. You wont see us use stacks of blocks and tubes trying to represent a dinosaur :o)

Here are some models that we have already created. They are shown in the quake format, not rendered in 3D Studio or something. This is how they REALLY LOOK.

Alien Queen - Status: Complete - Triangles: 1046 - Frames: 35 - Skins: 1
This is what you would consider a "Boss Monster"... You would only see one or two of these huge beasts per level. They attack using streams of glue to slow down the prey, then lay hordes of larva that swarm over the helpless victim. The Queen can also excrete clouds of stinging, winged maggots to defend her hive. This creature was designed to terrify! To see the original concept art, click HERE!!!!!!!

Leech Alien - Status: Not Animated - Triangles: 702 - Frames: X - Skins: 1
This is a particularly vicious alien. It strikes its flexible neck out using 'arms' that hold up the head. Biting large chunks out of victims, the chuncks can be seen as bulges, sliding down the creature's neck...

TubeDude Creature - Status: Not Animated - Triangles: 435 - Frames: X Skins: 1
Though spindly and top-heavy, this strange creature has evolved incredible projectile-based defences. Each pair of openings on its body shoots something different but nasty! You wouldn't want to be taken by suprize by this alien. Even worse, if its angry enough, you may face all of the creature's powerful weapons at once!

Beaked Alien - Status: Complete - Triangles: 283 - Frames: 48 - Skins: 1
It jumps and bites with its razor sharp beak of course. We intend to use "flocking" behavior to make them flow across the landscape with wicked speed to surround and dismember their prey. With a beack so big, you know they'd kill with one or two terrible bites!

Rustbot - Status: Not animated - Triangles: 456 - Frames X - Skins: 1
Rustbots are rellics of the glory days of mankind. Their apparently infinite energy supply is probably based on Mano-energy. Disabling them may be possible, but destroying them is not. THeir weaponry is insanely destructive, yet their rusty shells are slow to aim. Click here to see more.

Theropod - Status: Complete - Triangles: 456 - Frames: 80 - Skins: 3
This is a great model, with several skins and especially nice animation. The suprizingly low face-count will allow several to inhabit one area without slowing the framerate. They are fast, tough, fearless, and large enough to eat a human in one bite. Too stupid to notice pain, when one of these dinosaurs spots food, it will stop at nothing to reach it, shrugging off bullets and beams. This is a monster that players will recognize and fear instantly!

Guts and gibs for the Theropod

Gunman - Status: Complete - Triangles:497 - Frames:143 - Skins: 1
Something like a cross between a pirate, cowboy, and conquistador, the Gunmen raid solar systems. Grazing thier Mano-shoals on kinetic energy and gravity of planets and stars, they leave a path of unstable orbits and wrecked homeworlds. Their entire culture is powered by the energy collected from the Manos, and all faster-than-light travel is achieved by riding the wake of a Mano. The Mano trade MUST continue at all costs. Click here to see the original concept art.

Tillikum New-Spiral Native - Status: Complete - Triangles: 438 - Frames:143 - Skins: 1
The Tillikum is a term used to encompas a great variety of cultures found in the New-Spiral Arm. They specialize in biological technologies, and are experts at crossing kata-space (teleportation and faster-than-light travel). Their sense of honor prevents them from unleashing their truely devastating weapons against the Gunmen--Rather, they preffer to fight man-to-man and often use thier technology to force the Gunmen into one-on-one combat. To see the concept sketch, click here.

Draft Horses - Status: Only canter/trot animations done. Triangles: 707 - Frames:X - Skins: 2
The horse that the player can ride-off into the green sunset on! They're tough and muscular, and cary thier own portable shield generators on their gravity-saddles.

Tactical Tank - Status: Complete - Triangles: 900 - Frames (variable) Skins: 1
The tank can be driven by the player, and tilts with the landscape. Its turret can independantly swivel and look in nearly any direction. It fires a deadly ball of flame and can take quite a beating. There is a special "blow-up" model for it too. The tank works GREAT in multiplayer mode, or single player.

Weapons: Click each weapon to see the player's viewpoint version.

Here are some plants and decorations you might see in a level.

This is one version of the palm tree used in mayan levels.

This mutalated baboon hangs from the ceiling, convulsing slightly.

One version of a cactus. Dont touch it!

This alien plantform shoots poison spores if you mess with it.

This alien plant curls up if you get too close...

These are just some more alien plantforms.

These are just some of the incidental models that you might see...

I think we have the GROSSEST GIBS out there!!!

Here is a new, "whole-body" gib. Is it too much? Nah.