Textures are one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of a 3D game. We have, over the last year, developed some unique methods of creating textures unlike anyone else in the industry. And . .. we're FAST! We have cranked out so many textures that the level designers can't keep up. The QUALITY is unmatched. Right now, 3D-game companies seem to have some brilliant textures mixed in with tons of average run-of-the-mill graphics. We maintain a consistant standard of quality with all of our graphics. We have an incredible VARIETY in our graphics that inspires a sense of exploration and adventure to the game. To date, we have around 10 megs worth of 8-bit textures. Thats a majority of what we will need for this project. Any additional textures we require will be on an as-needed basis. YES, that means that a big part of this project is *DONE*

Here are a few choice samples of our textures, all in the Gunman 256 color palette, though we do have 24 bit versions of everything:

We have 6 environment maps so far. Thats all we need!