As a bounty hunter making a living on the harsh worlds of the Frontier, you find yourself hired by one of the Big Five, Spiral Dreams. As one of the movers and shakers of the Northern Freedom Confederacy, they've asked you to do a little job and keep it quiet. You would wonder why they'd ask for a hush-hush operation on some forsaken Frontier world dotted with poor colonists, but you're not a Gunman because you ask questions.

The pay is good, the connections're better. Let's just hope Spiral Dreams keeps your name high on their lists.

You are a Solo Warrior, from the bloodline of elite fighters renowned throughout all the Great Tribes. Now the Elders have gifted you and a handful of your brethren to a "Barony" named Spiral Dreams. Unlike many of the Hollow Men, Spiral Dreams seems to hold your people with respect and has offered an agreement of peace.

As you board the strange unliving ship of the Hollow Men, you wonder what use Spiral Dreams will make of you.

What is this? You look around you and see the others in a new light. Are they so oblivious? You nudge one roughly and chitter. It snaps back and keeps eating. Do they have these thoughts? Am I the only one which has opened its mind and discovered a world outside myself?

What am I? Why am I here? Why did I awaken this way, with thoughts outside of food and shelter? And what is this newfound urge from within? Without understanding why, you lope towards a titanic beast you would otherwise have ignored, and slip through its inviting, spacebending organs.

You wonder what lies beyond. Whole worlds await you.

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