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Half-Life Mod Expo 1999

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  The first Half-Life Mod Expo was held at "Club-i", a large cybercafe in San Francisco, on July 29th, 1999. It lasted from 10PM to midnight. As well as the mods listed below, Gabe Newell also presented Team-Fortress 2: Brotherhood Of Arms. The black and white photographs were taken by Rubin Starset.

Mods shown at this event:
  • Action Half-Life: A multiplayer mod that brings the excitement of Hong Kong action films to Half-Life.
  • Counter-Strike: A military simulation mod that pits a hostage rescue team against terrorists.
  • Science & Industry: A multiplayer mod where the key to success lies in your team's ability to discover new weapon technologies.
  • Kanonball: A rugby-style sports game set in beautifully rendered futuristic arenas.
  • Chemical Existence: A challenging single player game where the hero fights gangs, mutants, and evil corporations.
  • Gunman Chronicles: A total conversion of Half-Life's single player game that blends science fiction with elements from the Old West.
  • USS Darkstar: A single-player action adventure set on a starship in deep space.
Descriptions by IGN.