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Gunman Chronicles



  Gunman Chronicles was created by Herbert Flower in 1994, developed by Rewolf Software, and published by Sierra in 2000. What started out as a DOOM mod, over-time developed into one of the most complex Half-Life mods of all time. It is a first-person shooter on the GoldSrc engine that requires the player to take on aliens and other challenges that space travel puts forward. The game contains it's own unique puzzle mechanics, much like Half-Life. Gunman Chronicles also boasts drivable vehicles which is something very un-seen on the GoldSrc engine.
  One other feature exclusive to Gunman is the ability to customize your weapons which has never been done before or since on the Half-Life engine. These customization options gives the game over 128+ different combinations of all the weapons, making it the largest arsenal in game history.
  In the early days of Steam, it was rumoured that Gunman Chronicles would be added as a free title, but it's been over 15 years and nothing about Gunman or Rewolf have been heard since then...