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Gunman Chronicles

File Repository

Repository of all files related to the game, excluding the retail product itself.
Files to list here:

E3 2000 Playable Build

175 MB

104 MB

This was the build that Rewolf Software brought to E3 2000 to show off their game to the public. From this build, the following has been removed:
  • Personal details of Rewolf employees.
  • Legal contracts/NDA agreements signed between Rewolf and Valve.
The "Light" build has all unnecessary and bloating files removed, to make it a lighter download and installation.

How to play:

It only requires a legitimate (or pirated) copy of the CD version of Half-Life, version or earlier.

3DS MAX Model Sources

13 MB

Thanks to the kindness of Renier Benninga, I can present this file. It contains the majority of the source files of the models for the retail version of Gunman Chronicles. Any new version of 3DS MAX should be able to view it. The textures for these files are present in the E3 2000 Build at this directory: E3/models/chemg/xenome/.