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Gunman Chronicles


The soundtrack of Gunman Chronicles was composed by Steve Blevin, Cris Liesch, Anthony Brown, Aaron Stackpole, and Chris Jensen.

In-Game Tracks

The in-game soundtrack consists of 11 tracks. Only one of the tracks has a known official title, due an early version being released in late 1998 as a preview track.

1. Unnamed
2. Unnamed
3. Unnamed
4. Raptor Attack
5. Unnamed
6. Unnamed
7. Unnamed
8. Unnamed
9. Unnamed
10. Unnamed
11. Unnamed


Preview Tracks

These 4 track were released in late 1998 as a preview for Gunman, when it was a Quake 2 TC. The track listing is alphabetical, because most of the tracks don't have metadata.

1. Cyborg
2. Gunman Project
3. Raptor Attack
4. Watch your Head