• targetname (string) - name

• target (string) - all entities with the coresponding targetname will acquire the new render parameters when this entity is triggered.

• renderfx (integer) - render fx

• rendermode (integer) - render mode (0 - 5)

• renderamt (integer) - fx amount (1 - 255)

• rendercolor (color255) - fx color (rgb value)


• no renderfx (1)

• no renderamt (2)

• no rendermode (4)

• no rendercolor (8)


• set the render parameters you wish to trigger, and make this entity the target of a trigger. when that trigger fires, all of its parameters will be copied to all of its targets.

• this can be used to make a door/wall fade out, begin pulsing, become partially translucent, etc.

• if you only want to copy renderfx for instance, you can disable the other parameters with the flags

• you could have several of these that target each other for some evolving effect

• can be applyed to monsters!

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