• target (string) - focal point of the camera

• targetname (string) - name

• killtarget (string) - target to remove when triggered

• delay (integer) - delay before trigger

• wait (integer) - time for camera to "live"

• moveto (string) - go to this path_corner

• speed (integer) - initial speed of camera movement

• acceleration (string) - acceleration in units/second^2

• deceleration (string) - stop deceleration in units/second^2


• start at player (1) - camera will start from players view then move on to the fist path_corner.

• follow player (2) - camera will use the player as a focal point rather than its target

• freeze player (4) - player will not be able to move while the camera is active


• for the target, you can specify the targetname of either an info_target (for a stationary focal point) or a func_train (for a moving focal point). If the focal point is a func_train, the train must have an origin brush as part of its structure. This origin brush will be used as the focal point.

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