• message (string) - text on entering the world

• skyname (string) - environment map (cl_skyname)

• sounds (integer) - CD track to play

• light (integer) - default light level

• WaveHeight (string) - default wave height

• MaxRange (string) - max viewable distance (default 4096)

• chaptertitle (string) - chapter title message

• startdark (integer) - level fade-in

• gametitle (integer) - display game title

• newunit (integer) - new level unit

0 = no, keep current

1 = yes, clear previous levels


• none


• the worldspawn entity controls a number of level defaults, including the sky type, level message (displayed at the beginning of the level) , and CD track to be played.

• this entity cannot be accessed from within the 2D/3D views, nor can it be manually placed within your map. You can access it through the Map menu, under Map Properties.

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