• targetname (string) - name, should only be used if you want the ability to turn the trigger on and off

• target (string) - target

• master (string) - targetname of multisource entity.

• dmg (integer) - damage per 1/2 second of contact

• delay (string) - delay before trigger

• damagetype (integer) - damage type


• target once (1)

• start off (2) - must be triggered before it will harm player

• no clients (8)

• fire client only (16)

• touch client only (32)


• inflicts damage on any player or monster that touches it

• the following do damage on the player, even after he leaves the trigger field: nerve gas, poison, radiation, chemical, slow burn, and slow freeze

• the above damage types have their own special values for damage, so you can set the dmg field to 0

• when a monster passes through one of these triggers, he only takes damage while within the trigger (except for the damage types noted above).

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