Scripted Sequences, Security Guard

The following animation sequence names can be used within the scripted_sequence and aiscripted_sequence entities to make the monster_barney perform a number of different actions.

almost –dies on floor while reaching for medkit

almostidle – wounded on floor reaching for medkit

assassinated – gets killed by assassin's bullet

barneyfall – falls four stories with the bullsquid

barneyfallidle – guard and bullsquid idle until triggered to fall

Barn_hiding – hides under desk

Barney_dragvent – getts dragged into a low vent opening

Barn_wave – waves at player to warn them

beat_grunt – stands over a body and points forward

beat_grunt_idle –s tands over grunt

c1a3a_emerge – emerges from the vent after killing zombie

c1a3a_ventb – getting pulled through the vent by a zombie

c3a2_draw – draws pistol and then puts it back in holster

Cower_sit – squatting down, looking afraid

Cower_stand – standing, looking around nervous

Dying_barney – dying guard motions towards the vents

halting_player – standing at attention, halts player

haul_barney – zombie hauls a dead guard around





intropush – pushes buttons while standing

locked_door – trying to open locked door

retina – uses the retinal scanner

standing_idle – standing at attention

standing_looking – standing at attention looking around

standing_idle – relaxed standing at position

trackswitch – pulls lever to change the traintracks

unlatch – unlatches a door while standing

Woundwalk – walks with a bad limp

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