• targetname (string) - name

• renderfx (integer) - render fx

• rendermode (integer) - render mode (0 - 5)

• renderamt (integer) - fx amount (1 - 255)

• rendercolor (color255) - fx color (rgb value)

• model (string) - model name (models/model.mdl)


• none


• renderfx should be set to 14 (constant glow)

• rendermode should be set to 3 (glow)

• renderamt controls the translucency of the glow sprite. a higher value will make the sprite more visible. a value of 150 generally produces a nice soft glow

• rendercolor should be set to the approximate color of the light

• sprites/flare1.spr is the standard round glow sprite good for the majority of point based lights.

• use this to add halo/glow effects around a light source. it should be placed directly on top of the light. it will be rendered over the top of the scene whenever its center is visible

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