WWW Reference

There are a number of places you can go to on the internet for help with Worldcraft 3.x and Half-Life editing.

Worldcraft Support
If you are having technical problems setting up or running Worldcraft, email [email protected] for information and assistance. When emailing Worldcraft Support, be sure to include the information necessary for a quick response.

Editing Support
Below is a short list of websites dedicated to providing information on Half-Life editing and related topics.

The Handy Vandal's Almanac - This is an amazing resource site - it provides an index of pretty much every Half-Life editing resource available on the net.

Half-Life Editing Resource Center - The primary source of information for Worldcraft and Half-Life editing.

Half-Life Editing Discussion Forum and Worldcraft Discussion Forum - With over thirty thousand discussion posts and an excellent search function, you should be able to find information here on almost any Half-Life or Worldcraft editing problems.

Half-Life Map Design Toolkit
There are a number of utilities that every mapper should find useful. Note that these utilities are not themselves supported by Valve. In most cases, you can refer to a specific utility's website for support.

Zoner's Half-Life Tools - Zoner's compile tools have a number of improvements and advanced features not found in the standard compile tools.

Half-Life Compilation Controller - HLCC is an excellent "compiler frontend". That is, it provides a graphical front end for the Half-Life compile tools. This is a good alternative to compiling levels from within Worldcraft, or by using a batch file.

GenSurf - This is a fine program for making realistic looking terrain. This works extremely well when using Zoner's compile tools.

Wally - Wally is a fantastic texture editing tool. It allows you to create textures and Half-Life WAD files from scratch, or editing existing ones. Wally also acts as a PAK file browser/editor.

Half-Life Model Viewer - This is an excellent OpenGL accelerated model viewer for Half-Life. It lets you view individual animations and their names. HLMV also acts as a PAK file browser.

SprView - SprView is a small sprite viewer that lets you view Half-Life sprites and adjust their framerate and play-back properties exactly as you'd adjust the sprite entity.