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Prospero was an ambitious multiplayer online game being developed by Valve in 1996. The game was to take place in a vast "library" that connected user-generated levels together with Valve's own maps over the internet. The main character, Aleph, was to be a librarian with psychic powers that allowed her to traverse the levels in the game. While Prospero had been cancelled, the concepts of interconnectivity such as online play, a server browser and user generated content remain hallmarks of Valve's games and products to this day.

In the Steam version of Half-Life, the music tracks:

  • Dimensionless Deepness
  • Steam in the Pipes
  • Threatening (Short)
  • Traveling Through Limbo
  • Vague Voices
Are named Prospero01.mp3 - Prospero05.mp3 in the game's media folder.

Though it was shelved before the release of Half-Life, Gabe Newell stated (in a June 2006 F.A.Q) that he would like to return to developing the project after the release of Team-Fortress 2.