Thursday, May 25th 2006

With just one week left before Episode One will be unlocked, we've started pushing out the final game pieces for preloading. If you've already started the preload, it should be pulling the rest of the game down in encrypted form now. If you haven't started preloading, click here.

Yesterday we released the first teaser video for Episode One leading up to its launch, and it is available in the media section of Steam now. While short, you'll be able to see the second version of the Source facial animation system, the new lighting model for the faces on characters, and a feature we've added called dynamic scripted sequences that gives characters like Alyx the ability to have more interactions with the environment.

second teaser video is available now, where you'll get to see some more of this kind of interaction with Alyx and zombies. Everyone will get the chance to see this first hand when the game is released one week from today.

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