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News: Tuesday15. august

Won.Net goes Flipside

Posted 09:58 GMT+1 by : Sencer  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

On September 1, is becoming just a little notice ;)

Misc MOD News

Posted 09:48 GMT+1 by : Sencer  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

- Despite the recent rumors, the Day of Defeat mod is alive and kicking. Last night they released a new private alpha which they will test and tweak to from beta1. In regards to their website, they have changed domains due to problems getting the old one up and running again. You will be able to find them soon at

- TF Outpost has done a interview on Ninja from the Ninja Half-Life Mod.

- has written an articel about the Androids Bot Alpha 1.0

Top Ten Causes of Internet Lag

Posted 07:24 GMT+1 by : Ravelin  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

    Lag! Can't live with it, and you don't have anything to whine about without it. Obviously, it's difficult to play any action multiplayer game over the Internet without some concern over lag and connection problems. In order to explain and solve your multiplayer woes, GameSpy has hired a panel of wholly fictional experts to make stuff up.
Read the fun little top 10.

Gooseman interview

Posted 08:01 GMT+1 by : Ravelin  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend now has an interview with Gooseman (one of the creators of Counterstrike)

The interview touches on the following topics:

Gooseman also told them that he currently plans to release Beta 7 sometime this week.

TF2 wallpaper

Posted 07:57 GMT+1 by : Ravelin  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

Tf2thebecoming has just released it's latest TF2 wallpaper, go and see if you like it.

News: Monday14. august

TF2Bunker Hosting

Posted 01:06 GMT+1 by : Sencer  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

We are now ready to host TF releated sites.

For info goto the TF2Bunker Hosting Info page

News: Sunday13. august

3DGN visits the set of TF2

Posted 10:24 GMT+1 by : Ravelin  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

A VERY weird article has been made at 3DGN. I can only say that this is a MUST....if you have nothing else to do....
See for yourself.

News: Saturday12. august

Lambda Arena

Posted 06:32 GMT+1 by : Sencer  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

Lambda Arena is a mod that offers last-man-standing teamplay akin to Rocket Arena for both one-on-one and team matches, and this release has been completely rewritten to make it compatible with Half-Life 1.1.

This is the first non-beta version

Does Half-Life make you sick?

Posted 11:17 GMT+1 by : Ravelin  - [2 Comments] - Send news to a friend

Well, you're not alone. Plenty of gamers suffer from simulation sickness. has an article on the issue.

    It takes only a few minutes for Tony Lastowka to get queasy: "I'll start to feel nauseous and jittery. Then I get hot flashes and my vision gets hazy," he says. "At this point, I throw up."
Watch out Valve! Lawsuit coming up :)
Read the whole article here.

DirectX 8 Preview.

Posted 11:07 GMT+1 by : Ravelin  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

    Every year, Microsoft holds a game developer conference called Meltdown. Hardware companies co-sponsor the conference and deliver presentations showing off their next-generation products and how they will be supported by Microsoft's DirectX API. So if you want to know where future hardware is headed, from AMD to Intel and ATI to NVIDIA, Meltdown is the place to be. But the most exciting parts of Meltdown are when Microsoft details the features they intend to include in the next or next-next version of DirectX.

Here's the most interesting for the HL community I think:
    DirectPlay Voice is a voice over IP add-on for DirectX. It will enable software developers to standardize on a method of voice communication over the Internet. This should be very useful in online team-based games
So now everyone will have Voice in their games :) I've asked this before, but does this mean that Valve wasted their time making a non standard Voice technology? Read On!

News: Friday11. august

Valve Chat log

Posted 09:38 GMT+1 by : Ravelin  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

The chat held yesterday at VoodooExtreme has been logged and are up at right here.

Msg-Board updated....

Posted 12:36 GMT+1 by : Sencer  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

Check in and watch for yourself. View a thread and you will see the news things.

(I'm still working on a better/ easier way for you to update your profile....)

New CS map...

Posted 12:25 GMT+1 by : Sencer  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

This new map said to be a mix between de_prodigy, cs_docks, and cs_assult, numerous map authors now bring you cs_harbor. (note the map is in beta 2 stage)

go to MoJos place for pictures and info

Download the map here

News: Thursday10. august

Valve chat today!!

Posted 01:35 GMT+1 by : Ravelin  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

Remember the Valve chat that was postponed? Well, today is the day they said they would do it. VoodooExtreme is still counting on them as you can see:

    Yep, the fine folks who made Half-Life (Valve Software) will be stopping by for an official developer's chat today. Here, you can chat it up with the guys working on Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms; talk with the developers of Half-Life, talk about its mods (including Counter-Strike, of course) and maybe even glean some info on Half-Life II. (If you're a sneaky little bastard!) You'll of course need an IRC chat client to join in on the fun. Here's the juice:

    Time: 5:00 PM PST
    Where: #ValveSoftware on
    Who will be there: Valve Software

    Tell your friends, and bring your own beer!

News: Wednesday9. august

CS cheating interview.

Posted 12:57 GMT+1 by : Ravelin  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

An interview with Gooseman at PlanetCrap mentions the new Asus Cheat Drivers.

    How much do you think cheating has hurt CS as a competitive game?

    Obviously it hurts it a lot.

    What sort of cheats have you fixed recently?

    The major ones that I address in BETA 7 are the silent AWP shots, flashbang clearing (this was fixed in 6.6) and the "headshot script". They've been fixed.
Read on!

Asus Cheat Drivers!

Posted 12:18 GMT+1 by : Ravelin  - [0 Comments] - Send news to a friend

There goes Counterstrike and a lot of other games :-(
This is what I found....

    I managed to get my hands on the so 'cheat' drivers today, and I decided to try them out in Tribes and Counter-Strike needless to say I am far from impressed. This is seriously fucked up. Please do not send emails/icqs requesting the where to get the drivers, or if I could send them to you.
There you have it. See through walls again! Damn, and this time its the hardware vendor who makes it!! Have they no moral?!
See Screenshots!!

Official Statement from Asus
    Newark, CA, July 20, 2000: ASUS COMPUTER International announces the upcoming release of its Ultimate Secret Weapon for the AGP-V7100 and AGP-V7700 series graphics cards - the 3D Extra Light Technology.

    "With the recent announcement of three secret weapons - Transparent View, Wireframe View, and Extra Light - and the feedback that we have received from the gaming community, we have decided to only offer the Extra Light technology in the upcoming driver release," states Raymond Chen, Vice President of ASUS COMPUTER Int'l." A discussion forum will be created to hear feedback from the gaming community before we make our final decision on the other two technologies."
    Secret Weapon: Extra Light
    Extra Light is very beneficial in almost every 3D game. As seen in the differences between Figure 1 and Figure 2, users can use Extra Light to define an additional spotlight with self-defined direction, size, color, and brightness. It makes the 3D scene more bright, clear, and colorful. Using this feature will extend the GeForce2MX and Geforce2 GTS's capability to display vibrant images with real world lighting. This technology enhances the color definition in 3D games providing additional spotlight to the areas that gamers want to focus on. The end result is complete absorption in an environment that is the closest you can get to the real thing and can only be unleashed with our ASUS AGP-V7100 and AGP-V7700 series of display adapters.
Yeah well IMHO there's a reason for those dark corners!
Read more on [email protected]Stomped

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