About Valve Archive

The Valve Archive is a fan-run repository with over 50GBs of data from all of Valve's games, inlcuding:

  • Beta and cut assets from various Valve games
  • Pre-release builds of some games.
  • Files and pictures from Valve's ARGs.
  • Various game documentation and manuals.
  • Music and OSTs.
  • Officiasl photos and screenshots.
  • Press packs from conferences.
  • Cover and box art scans.
  • Video interviews and tours.
  • Archived webpages from the early days.

We here at the Valve Archive are simply fans of Valve. None of us have any ill-will towards Valve and just want to provide rarities for the community.

Archival Policy

We only archive official media and content. "Officially" in terms of it being released (intentionally or not) by the company developing the game or by the publisher. As a general rule, media that shows cut content from a game has a higher priority than media which is official, but is from the released game. Fan-made content is kept very rarely, unless it is viewed as influential in the community or if there is enough interest.


Jackathan (Email)
DankParrot (Website)
Captain Vance

Translation Team

Kirill "Витой" Shlykov
Stanley Kirsanov
Vitaliy "Triang3l" Kuzmin

Some icons from Icons8.





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  • Valve Developer Community
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