Scripted Sequences, Zombie

The following animation sequence names can be used within the scripted_sequence and aiscripted_sequence entities to make the monster_zombie perform a number of different actions.

Busting_through_wall – busts through wall and lands flat on face

Bust_window – launches through window

Getup – gets up from flat on his face

Falling – falling loop animation

Freak – sits in chair spazzing out

Freakdie – dies in chair

Haulzombie – hauls dead bodies down a corridor


Slideidle – has just been shot and is about to slump against wall

Slidewall – hits wall and slides down after being shot

Soda – messes with the soda machine then hits it

Stand_up – gets up after bursting through window

Vent_c1a3a – pulls guard through a vent, then swings him into a switch

Zombie_pull_scientist – pulls scientist through wall

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