Scripted Sequences, Scientist

The following animation sequence names can be used within the scripted_sequence and aiscripted_sequence entities to make the monster_scientist perform a number of different actions.

beatdoor – beats on a door or window

buysoda – tries to buy soda, then hits machine

C1a0_catwalkidle – balancing on unsteady catwalk

C1a0_catwalk – falling from catwalk that breaks

ceiling_dangle – gets pulled up into the ceiling tiles

checktie – straightens his tie

Coffee – sitting down with hands on coffee cup

cowering_in_corner – cowers, sitting on floor shaking head loop

Cprscientist – scientist giving cpr

Cprscientistrevive – helping guard up after reviving him with cpr

Crawlwindow – crawls through a window

Deskidle – leans on desk

divewindow – dives through window then gets up to run away

Franticbutton – races to shut off an event (pre-disaster)

Handrailidle – leans on handrail

Handrail – turns from handrail to look at something

Haulscientist – zombie hauls the body of a dead scientist around

headcrabbed – pushes file cabinet on headcrab, then gets headcrabbed from behind

ickyjump_sci – icthyosaur jumps up and knocks scientist off catwalk

Idle1 – subtle

Idle3 – look up

Idle4 – look down

Idle5 – look right

Idle6 – look left

Idle7 – shifts position

Idewall – standing next to wall before the "scientist_gets_pulled" sequence

locked_door –- tries frantically to get out of the locked door

lookwindow – looks through window

no – shakes head no

pondering – studies walls

pondering2 – studies walls

pondering3 –studies walls

pulldoor – tries pulling on a locked door

push_button – presses a waist-high button in front of him

scientist_gets_pulled – gets pulled into the walls by zombie

Startle – startles and turns to the left

Studycart – studies pushcart

tieshoe – props foot up on bench to tie shoe

Tentacle_grab – gets grabbed by tentacle that busts through window

unlock_door – unlocks door for player

Ventpull1 – gets pulled into vent, legs first

Ventpull2 – tries to save other scientist from being pulled into vent

Ventpullidle1 – idle animation for ventpull1

Ventpullidle2 – idle animation for ventpull2

wave – waves at player

Writeboard – writes on the whiteboard

yes – shakes head yes

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