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Tuesday, January 11th

After a little trouble with our message board, we've had to completley reset it. Everything should hopefully be working again now.

Also, check out this great review of gunman over at Net-Games. It's in German, so if you need to, load it through Babelfish


Friday, December 31th

Now that Thundermag has had a chance to run their article on us, I thought it best to put up their exclusive screenshots locally here. Check out the five new ones in the screenshot section.


Saturday, December 25th

Just can't get enough publicity? We realized that you havn't had a taste of the music in gunman! Here's a few song clips.

Cris wrote Raptor Attack and Watch Your head, and Anthony wrote The Gunman Project Cris's two songs are event releated like the songs in Half-Life, while The Gunman Project is more of a theme song.


Sunday, December 12th

Glad to announce that our new corporate web page is now opened to the public! For more detail on us and what we do, check it out at


Monday, December 6th

We've got some new exclusive screenshots up over at Thundermag be sure to check them out!


Wednesday, November 3rd

We'd like to take this time to welcome our new sound effects tech, Peter "SoulSounds" Immarco to the team. He's already been working on some great stuff for our weapons and creature sounds.


Friday, October 1st

The magazine reviews of Mod-Con are rolling out! Check out our spreads in both of the latest issues of PC Accelerator and Computer Gaming World we'll be keeping a lookout for any other articles about us, but don't hesitate to mention anything you see on our message board.


Tuesday, September 21st

Welp, it was asked for on the message board, so, here it is! An old-school movie of Gunman! this one's back from the quake2 days, around 6 months ago I believe. Here's a link to the mirror list.


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