Throughout the game you will encounter many enemies, though the humans are the only ones that can be your allies or your enemies.

The strange xenomes will stop at nothing to kill you and your companions. Where did these things come from? What exactly are they? And most importantly, what do they want?

Not only will you encounter bizarre aliens from the darkest corners of the universe, but you must contend with the local wildlife as well!

Each weapon is unique and custom-made for the Gunman universe, from recognizable "slug guns" to energy-throwing "disc launchers."

Why run everywhere when you can hop in a tank or ride a horse!

In addition to such classic powerups as quad damage, Gunman will feature new items to enhance single and multiplayer games!

Not satisfied with barrels and crates, we've added dozens of new objects, many of which can be destroyed or used for cover. Be careful about what you play with! Try not to touch the cactus, and the "onion tree" might lead players to your hiding spot.

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